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About Us

Hoods Inc. Productions opened our doors in 2001 and has become an award- winning production company housing a creative team of producers, designers, editors, writers and directors. A proud adopter of the Tripartite Standards, we cultivate and celebrate a Fair, Inclusive and Progressive workplace. Having produced over 1000 episodes/webisodes, we specialise in branded content from conception to completion. Our single-minded focus on quality has led to a diversity in products and services; from comedies to dramas, webisodes to commercials, feature films to live events, current affairs to corporates, socials to integrated content, we provide you with the boldest and the best.


Hoods Inc Productions Pte Ltd has pledged the following:

Safeguards from HIV discrimination at work

  • Hoods Inc Productions Pte Ltd s committed to ensuring that HIV status alone is not ground for a person’s dismissal from employment and will provide support to any employee who suffers harassment or discrimination on the basis of their HIV status.

Reducing HIV stigma

  • Hoods Inc Productions Pte Ltd will undertake educational initiatives to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination in Singapore.

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