Company 183 JALAN PELIKAT #01-62/63 S(537643)

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About Us

In a society where fitness is largely commercialised, THE PILATES MVMT aims to maintain the essence of Pilates through personalised attention in small group classes and at reasonable prices. THE PILATES MVMT is a safe, inclusive, and non-judgemental space for everyone to work out in, and is conducive for those who are intimidated by loud surroundings and large groups of people.



  • At least one washroom and toilet on each floor that designated as unisex or gender neutral.
  • Staff trained on gender pronouns and other protocols for successful transgender customer service.

Child-Friendly Services

  • At least one entrance to the building with automatic doors or doors that can be opened one-handed without excess force.

Deaf / Hard Hearing

Walking Aid Users

  • At least one route from the alighting/boarding point for taxis, buses, subway or private vehicles for persons with disabilities leading to the building's entrance is level, has steps or a ramp.
  • The accessible entrance route is sheltered.
  • All stairs and ramps have handrails that run continuous for the length of the stairs.
  • Toilet stalls can be locked with one hand.

Wheelchair Users

  • Ramps and/or elevators are available enabling wheelchair users to move between floors.
  • Elevators are accessible by level pathways and/or ramps.

Blind and Low Vision

  • Staff are aware that Singapore law permits guide dogs in all public places, including food establishments, public markets and public transport
  • No accessible reading formats are available, but staff can assist with verbal communication
  • The lighting level in our place of business is bright
  • Furniture is not densely packed together. There is ample room between tables, chairs and other furniture in our place of business.

Latest Stories

Workplace Inclusive

  • A policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination at your company.
  • A policy prohibiting all forms of bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, at your company.
  • As the sole person running the business, it is my company’s Mission to be a safe space for all to workout. :)
  • No staff employed
  • Marketing initiatives to promote customer diversity
  • Employee volunteer initiatives with community sectors, including women, seniors, people with disabilities and/or LGBT
  • Sponsorship of community-led initiatives that support women, seniors, people with disabilities and/or LGBT sectors