Bollywood Adventures Pte Ltd

Company 100 Neo Tiew Road Singapore 719026

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About Us

Bollywood Adventures makes agriculture and farm accessible to urbanites through educational, recreational and team building programmes on local farms. We organise farm tours, hands on workshops, farm hopping, food experiences and more, all with the goal of connecting people to the sources of their food and nature.


Bollywood Adventures Pte Ltd has pledged the following:

Safeguards from Discrimination

  • Bollywood Adventures Pte Ltd is committed to protecting its employees or voluntary employees and customers from discrimination, regardless of age, gender, disability, pregnancy or family responsibilities, race or nationality, sexual orientation or gender identity, religion or cultural background.

Safeguards against harassment

  • Bollywood Adventures Pte Ltd is committed to protecting its employees or voluntary employees and customers from all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment.


  • Bollywood Adventures Pte Ltd is committed to creating an accessible business environment for employees or voluntary employees and customers with diverse needs and abilities.

Safeguards from HIV discrimination at work

  • Bollywood Adventures Pte Ltd s committed to ensuring that HIV status alone is not ground for a person’s dismissal from employment and will provide support to any employee who suffers harassment or discrimination on the basis of their HIV status.

Reducing HIV stigma

  • Bollywood Adventures Pte Ltd will undertake educational initiatives to reduce HIV stigma and discrimination in Singapore.


  • At least one standard male/female washroom and toilet on each floor that a transgender person could use without fear of harassment.
  • No protocols as yet but we want to implement employee service training for Transgender people

Child-Friendly Services

  • At least one designated room or area for women to breastfeed infants.
  • The stroller accessible entrance route is sheltered.
  • At least one male and female toilet on each floor has a baby changing area.
  • A designated area for children to play under supervision of parents or guardians.
  • Spaces designed for 6 months to 23 month old children to crawl, walk and play.
  • Spaces for 2 to 5 year old children to crawl, walk and play including flexible spring rockers, sand areas with covers and short slides.

Deaf / Hard Hearing

  • Staff are trained to use notepads, email, smartphones or text-based methods when communicating with customers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.
  • Staff have skills on how to use eye contact, body language and other gestures to support effective communications

Walking Aid Users

  • At least one route from the alighting/boarding point for taxis, buses, subway or private vehicles for persons with disabilities leading to the building's entrance is level, has steps or a ramp.
  • The accessible entrance route is sheltered.
  • At least one toilet and urinal on each floor has grab bars on both sides of the toilet and urinal.
  • Toilet stalls can be locked with one hand.

Wheelchair Users

  • A sheltered bay at least 1.2 metres in width enabling a wheelchair user to alight or board a private public transport or vehicle in an adjacent bay.
  • A single use restroom with an automatic sliding door, or outward swinging door, accessible on every floor of the building via level or corridor and/or ramp.
  • Floor space within the restroom is sufficient for a wheelchair to manoeuvre.

Blind and Low Vision

  • Staff are aware that Singapore law permits guide dogs in all public places, including food establishments, public markets and public transport
  • Staff are trained to avoid touching guide dogs, white canes or other assistive devices without permission from the owner
  • Staff are trained on using clear and descriptive language to support effective communication
  • No accessible reading formats are available, but staff can assist with verbal communication
  • The lighting level in our place of business is bright

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Workplace Inclusive

  • A policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination at your company.
  • A policy prohibiting all forms of bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, at your company.
  • A redress mechanism to deal with instances of discrimination, bullying or harassment
  • Training programs for employees to improve skills
  • Training programs for employee to acquire new skills and change roles
  • Internal networks for diverse employees to connect (e.g. employee resource groups, employee clubs, etc)
  • Workplace activities that promote social engagement among diverse employees
  • Active talent sourcing and recruitment in diverse talent pools
  • Employment marketing events in diverse community sectors
  • Flexible work arrangements for persons with disabilities, parents and caregivers
  • Marketing initiatives to promote customer diversity

More details soon...