InSync Medical

Company 184 East Coast Rd (moving to 166 East Coast Rd in June 2019)

Official Pink Fest Partners’ Venues 2019

About Us

InSync Medical is a GP+ clinic with a special interest in sexual wellness and women’s health. They have adopted a modern approach to conversations about health while being mindful of Asian sensibilities. InSync Medical aims to provide a safe and private space for their clients to discuss sensitive healthcare issues, and are committed to healing and improving everyone’s lives on both general healthcare and sexual wellness/health issues.



  • At least one washroom and toilet on each floor that designated as unisex or gender neutral.
  • No protocols as yet but we want to implement employee service training for Transgender people

Child-Friendly Services

  • At least one designated room or area for women to breastfeed infants.
  • At least one entrance to the building with automatic doors or doors that can be opened one-handed without excess force.
  • The stroller accessible entrance route is sheltered.

Deaf / Hard Hearing

  • Staff are trained to use notepads, email, smartphones or text-based methods when communicating with customers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Walking Aid Users

  • At least one entrance to the building with automatic doors or doors that can be opened one-handed without excess force.
  • At least one route from the alighting/boarding point for taxis, buses, subway or private vehicles for persons with disabilities leading to the building's entrance is level, has steps or a ramp.
  • All stairs and ramps have handrails that run continuous for the length of the stairs.
  • At least one toilet and urinal on each floor has grab bars on both sides of the toilet and urinal.

Wheelchair Users

  • A sheltered bay at least 1.2 metres in width enabling a wheelchair user to alight or board a private public transport or vehicle in an adjacent bay.
  • Ramps and/or elevators are available enabling wheelchair users to move between floors.
  • Ramps have a gentle gradient that adheres to local building codes.
  • Elevators are accessible by level pathways and/or ramps.

Blind and Low Vision

  • Staff are aware that Singapore law permits guide dogs in all public places, including food establishments, public markets and public transport
  • Staff are trained to avoid touching guide dogs, white canes or other assistive devices without permission from the owner
  • Staff are trained on using clear and descriptive language to support effective communication
  • Staff are trained on guiding customers to toilets and other basic amenities while avoiding hazards.
  • No accessible reading formats are available, but staff can assist with verbal communication
  • Furniture is not densely packed together. There is ample room between tables, chairs and other furniture in our place of business.

Latest Stories

Workplace Inclusive

  • A policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination at your company.
  • New employee on-boarding process stating company values and policy on diversity and inclusion
  • Regular trainings to prevent bullying and harassment
  • Workplace activities that promote social engagement among diverse employees
  • Flexible work arrangements for persons with disabilities, parents and caregivers