The Moon

Retail 37 Mosque Street, 059515

Official Pink Fest Partners’ Venues 2019

About Us

The Moon shines a light on the stories of so many wonderfully talented authors, creators and makers who may have slipped under the radar of the mainstream. Books at The Moon are specially curated with the aim of addressing the historical gender imbalance in Anglophone publishing, with an especial focus on writers and artists of colour. In a world that has increasingly lent itself to the persecution of difference, we believe now more than ever in the importance of safe spaces that celebrate, not limit, the value of diversity and multiculturalism. Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected not only in our selection of books, but also in our menu options, which are designed to accommodate all dietary restrictions and choices. Our cafe extension and event space on the third floor is open to private bookings as well as free community events. While you’re up there, be sure to dip into our communal lending library (or donate a used book of your own!)



  • At least one washroom and toilet on each floor that designated as unisex or gender neutral.
  • No protocols as yet but we want to implement employee service training for Transgender people
  • All individuals, regardless of gender or sexuality are welcome to our space.

Child-Friendly Services

  • The stroller accessible entrance route is sheltered.
  • None of the above
  • We have a lot of space for children, especially on the third floor of the establishment; we also have a few entertainment options for kids that come along, such as some toys and a rocking horse.

Deaf / Hard Hearing

  • No protocols as yet but we want to implement employee service training for Deaf or Hard of Hearing people
  • Not applicable

Walking Aid Users

  • At least one route from the alighting/boarding point for taxis, buses, subway or private vehicles for persons with disabilities leading to the building's entrance is level, has steps or a ramp.
  • The accessible entrance route is sheltered.
  • All stairs and ramps have handrails that run continuous for the length of the stairs.
  • None of the stairs have open risers
  • Toilet stalls can be locked with one hand.

Wheelchair Users

  • A kerb ramp enabling wheelchair access from the alighting bay to the footpath and/or building entrance.
  • The accessible entrance route is sheltered.

Blind and Low Vision

  • Staff are aware that Singapore law permits guide dogs in all public places, including food establishments, public markets and public transport
  • Staff are trained to avoid touching guide dogs, white canes or other assistive devices without permission from the owner
  • No protocols as yet but we want to implement employee service training for Blind or low vision people
  • No accessible reading formats are available, but staff can assist with verbal communication
  • Furniture is not densely packed together. There is ample room between tables, chairs and other furniture in our place of business.

Latest Stories

Workplace Inclusive

  • A policy prohibiting all forms of discrimination at your company.
  • A policy prohibiting all forms of bullying and harassment, including sexual harassment, at your company.
  • A redress mechanism to deal with instances of discrimination, bullying or harassment
  • New employee on-boarding process stating company values and policy on diversity and inclusion
  • Training programs for employees to improve skills
  • Workplace activities that promote social engagement among diverse employees
  • Active talent sourcing and recruitment in diverse talent pools
  • Employment marketing events in diverse community sectors
  • Flexible work arrangements for persons with disabilities, parents and caregivers
  • Marketing initiatives to promote customer diversity
  • Employee volunteer initiatives with community sectors, including women, seniors, people with disabilities and/or LGBT
  • Sponsorship of community-led initiatives that support women, seniors, people with disabilities and/or LGBT sectors